Offering a Continuum of Choices is a Trusted Collaborative Problem Solving Technique

When we’re stuck on a problem, and filled with negativity, the options lean to either/or.  When we articulate the spaces in-between, new possibilities emerge, a continuum of choices.   A continuum of choices reduces the risk of either/or, win/lose, and encourages collaborative problem solving. Offer a continuum As a contract court mediator with Mediate BC, […]

Going with the flow: Nurture your mediator chi with social media

I’m doing a webinar next week (October 22) for Mediate BC.    It’s all about enlisting social media as a path to finding balance and success in our digital age.  It’s oriented to mediators, yet I think it’ll have applicability for facilitators, of all sorts. During the webinar, I’ll take you on a journey; from […]

Geek Girls: The Next Dispute Resolution Superheroes?

Fifty years ago there was only a few different communication channels.  If you wanted to have a conversation with someone, you had two basic options; meet in-person or call them on the telephone.  Today, thanks (or no thanks, as the case may be) to technology, your options have increased, a lot… add to the above: email, text, internet […]

The Hybrid Mediator: Choreographing conversations across communications channels

Facilitating difficult conversations is hard.  And, what’s making it even harder is that it can be difficult to know which communications channel is most appropriate, for the situation-at-hand.  The options seem endless; chat, text, email, phone, video, face-to-face…  Using the wrong channel, at the wrong time, in the wrong way… is, well, not a good […]

Reframe and Let Collaboration Flow, in 2013

Just around the corner from where I live is The Herbal Path, a Chinese health and medicine shop.   Yesterday, I was looking at some of the diagrams they have pasted in their store window.  Those diagrams illustrated the meridians in our bodies, the rivers of energy within our body,  the Qi (pronounced “chee”) flow.   […]