Going with the flow: Nurture your mediator chi with social media

I’m doing a webinar next week (October 22) for Mediate BC.    It’s all about enlisting social media as a path to finding balance and success in our digital age.  It’s oriented to mediators, yet I think it’ll have applicability for facilitators, of all sorts.

Photo credit: spodzone (Flickr)

Photo credit: spodzone (Flickr)

During the webinar, I’ll take you on a journey; from fear and/or loathing of social media to a place where you have it reconciled as a vital part of your future.   That’s the story line.   Below is a more formal description of the webinar.


Date: Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Time: 4:30 – 6:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time)

“Mediators know how to help others find their balance. Keeping oneself in balance often seems a trickier thing to do. One of the biggest challenges we face these days to our internal balance is our relationship with social media. Social media is a paradox. On the one hand, it gives us a whole bunch of wonderful ways to connect with others. On the other hand, exuberant acceptance and use of social media can be at the expense of deeper, richer relationships, and our internal life. Yet, social media is here to stay, in one form or another.

This webinar will help you connect with the positive aspects of social media, as an opportunity for renewal and adaptation. It will show you the collaborative, relationship-building, and business potential, of social media. From this webinar, you’ll see how to effectively use social media, while maintaining your balance, in our age of digital abundance.

  • Understand the connection between Chi and social media
  • Recognize why mediators and social media are a natural fit
  • Gain insight into how social media is an opportunity for personal renewal and adaptation
  • Understand how to build trust and “social capital” in the digital age
  • Learn the  #1 way to make social media your platform for professional learning and business growth
  • Learn tips and techniques for working with social media when your time is limited”


You can register for the webinar, here.

Got questions about the webinar?  Or, maybe you’ll be attending and have something you’d like me to answer during the webinar?  Fire away…

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