Win-Win: The Art of Interest-Based Conflict Resolution

Embrace the Elephant: Increasing Team Performance Through Open Communications and Constructive Conflict

Go Viral: How to Spark and Spread Positive, Collaborative Behaviours Across Your Organization

45 minute presentation:

Your Conflict Advantage: How Managing Conflict Effectively Gives You a Strategic Advantage

Consulting + Mediation

As a consultant and mediator, I help my clients find common ground, mutual benefit, solutions to their collaboration (working together) challenges. Here are three ways I do that:

1. Situation Assessment

Tune in to what’s going on. Most workplaces are complex. There are many factors at play; interpersonal, systems, processes, data, external factors… A situation assessment conducted by a skilled neutral can help you understand what’s going on and how to move forward in positive and constructive ways. My assessment involves a focused questionnaire, interviews with key participants and stakeholders, thorough situation and options analysis, and recommendations for next steps.

2. Team Development

Perform better as a team. In teams, the quality of interactions and relationships directly influence team results. Working with your team, I use a variety of assessment tools and techniques, both individual and group-related, to help your team members and team grow. We’ll work on team communications, open dialogue, emotional intelligence, process improvement, and conflict resolution.

3. Interpersonal Mediation

Resolve conflict, fairly. When conflict is out in the open, sometimes a third party neutral can help deescalate the conflict, and resolve differences. I’ve mediated 600+ business and community disputes. I use the interest-based, aka win-win, approach in mediation. Mediation is cost-effective, and can be an effective way to maintain relationships. Don’t avoid the difficult conversations.

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