How going “gender-free” is changing the Victoria Contra Dance community

This past Saturday night, I was at my local Victoria Contra Dance, dancing “gender-free”. Aside from the pandemic years, I’ve been attending these dances for 15+ years. When I go, I’m there solely as a dancer. In earlier times, I was part of a Celtic band that played for the dancers. Miss those days, yet […]

Graduation Day: A reminder of inter-generational relationships and staying vital

My son graduated from university, yesterday.  It’s cause for celebration.  I’m proud of him, and what he’s accomplished. His graduation also makes me reflect on his journey, a journey I’ve been part of; a collaborative journey. It seems almost too obvious to mention, yet my son and I are of different generations.  Our relationship is […]

Nowhere Else on Earth

With good collaboration, anything is possible. Collaboration in the Rain Forest Up the coast from where I live in British Columbia is a one of our world’s natural treasures, the Great Bear Rain Forest.  It’s the context for an epic collaboration, involving environmental groups, government, forest industry and First Nations.   It’s also the context for […]

Henri Lock: Community Connector

For most students attending university, it is a time of great personal exploration.  It was for me. Henri Lock helps university students with their internal explorations.  He also helps them connect their personal passions, interests, values to opportunities in the external world; of people, work, causes, organizations, Henri is United Church Chaplain at the University […]

Neighbourhood Gifts

It was my neighbourhood association‘s annual Streetfest last weekend.  Excellent turnout.  People connecting. Conversation.  Having fun.  No rain! And, gifts galore… locals sharing their time, talents, and community spirit. Many of those things that make for a healthy neighbourhood were there, all orchestrated by neighbours, volunteering, including: Food; donated, baked, cornucopia Music; DJ, musicians, musical […]