The Thank You Game

A couple of years ago, I learned about The Thank You Game via local mediator colleague, Julia Menard. Thank you Julia! I thought it appropriate to share it, given it’s Thanksgiving Day in the US, today. Julia credits the McGonigal sisters, Kelly McGonigal (health psychologist) and Jane McGonigal (game designer) for the idea. The McGonigal sisters […]

Camp: The Professional Development Format of The Future

When I was kid, many summers would find me at camp.   Invariably camp was fun, challenging (new things, new people, different rules…), and always a learning experience.   What if today’s “professional development” experience was like camp? MuseumCamp 2014 Nina Simon is Executive Director of the Santa Cruz (California) Museum of Art & History.   […]

Virtual Communities of Practice

If you asked Generation Y’ers how they like to learn, odds are it will be “socially”.   And, most of us aren’t all that different.  We do like to get together, at least sometimes, for learning. Getting together to learn.  That’s what ‘communities of practice’ are all about.  A community of practice is a “group of […]

Bruce Saunders and Movie Monday: Bringing Community to my Neighbourhood

Watching a movie can be so much more.   I’m a huge fan of Bruce Saunders weekly Movie Monday showing at the Eric Martin Pavilion Theatre, here in Victoria.   I’m a fan not just because of the movies shown at Eric Martin, though they tend to rock.   It’s a community event, where neighbours and nearby citizens […]