Puente Theatre: Community Innovation

It’s from the edges of our life that some of our greatest opportunities for learning and growth come.  I can safely say theatrical experience is at the edge of my life. So, when I met with the Lina de Guevara this week, for a conversation, I knew I was going to discover some new things.  […]

Cinnie Noble and the Conflict Coaching Guild on LinkedIn

The coaches coach.  That’s sort of how I think of Cinnie Noble.  I’ve gotten to know Cinnie a bit over the last couple of years, through social media, and via reading her excellent book, Conflict Management Coaching: The CINERGY Model. The other day I actually had my first opportunity to chat with Cinnie, via Skype. […]

Ken Kelly: Connecting Communities in Downtown Victoria

Like any city centre, downtown Victoria is a place where people from different communities intersect; residential, visitor, business, service, cultural.  Each community is diverse. Residents may be living in high-end condos or in short-term residence at Our Place.  Visitors include tourists, local shoppers, and the transient homeless. Businesses range from big bank office to small, […]

Henri Lock: Community Connector

For most students attending university, it is a time of great personal exploration.  It was for me. Henri Lock helps university students with their internal explorations.  He also helps them connect their personal passions, interests, values to opportunities in the external world; of people, work, causes, organizations, Henri is United Church Chaplain at the University […]

Janis La Couvee: Community Connector

I always enjoy a conversation with Janis La Couv’e.  She is involved in many diverse communities, online and offline, here in Victoria.  And, I get the feeling she brings all of her communities, all of her connections, to each conversation, a good thing.  Making connections is what Janis does. Although, I’ve only known her for […]