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Bridge the Gap with Attitude

The London Olympics started a couple of days ago.  The individual’s journey to a gold medal is a long one.  You can bet a person’s attitutude plays a big part in that journey; realizing the dream; getting from here to there.  Attitude might even be step 1, to bridging the gap? The Olympics reminded me […]

Co-facilitation is a value creation opportunity

Sometimes you just have to give up something to get something.   Case in point: collaboration.   We give up a bit of personal autonomy for an outcome that’s greater than what we might have achieved on our own.   Bottom line is that we and the customer/client both get more value. I’ve been formally working as a […]

Bryant Park in New York City: Public space collaboration

A couple of weeks back, I was in New York City last week, visiting family and for a holiday (yes, those two can go together).  I stayed in mid-Manhattan.  A short walk away was Bryant Park.  It’s a unique public space.  A collaborative space for all.  I found it an oasis.  You can almost forget […]