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2011 Favourites and Best Wishes for 2012

Happy New Year! Thank you for giving me, and this blog, your attention over the last year.  I’ve enjoyed connecting with you, many of you personally, and look forward to what new beginnings, and continuing adventures, 2012 offers us. Here are the most visited blog posts on Collaborative Journeys in 2011:   Strategies to reduce […]

Who Are You?

Last night, I was out caroling in my neighbourhood.  It was great fun. First we broke bread, i.e. sweets, and hot, spiced apple cider, at the organizer’s house. Someone brought Christmas carol song sheets. We headed out, about 20 of us, young and old. We worked the neighbourhood, looking for houses with lights on, the […]

10 Holiday Gift Book Ideas for the "Mediator" in Your Life

I enjoy reading books.  They are a safe way to explore the ideas and works of others.  And, a really good book is inspiring.  It seems to connect on a personal and emotional level; a connection that can motivate one to further thought and action. Here are ten of the books I read in 2011, […]

I "don't know" and I'm going to run with that

  I felt crappy even before the face-to-face mediation began, this week.  Fighting some seasonal bug, I was hoping the mediation would be a short one, no matter the outcome, and I would soon be on my way home, to a hot apple cider and a bed. It was not a short one.  Yet, what […]

The Cloud and Mobile are the Mediator's future office

I mediated a trans-national business dispute last week.  The mediation took place over several days, and was conducted online, over the Internet.  There was zero physical paper exchanged.  I worked from my laptop, from my home office.  Essentially, all the software I used was based in the “Cloud”, and either free or low-cost.   I’m grateful. […]