Who Are You?

Last night, I was out caroling in my neighbourhood.  It was great fun.

First we broke bread, i.e. sweets, and hot, spiced apple cider, at the organizer’s house. Someone brought Christmas carol song sheets. We headed out, about 20 of us, young and old.

We worked the neighbourhood, looking for houses with lights on, the more the better, a welcoming sign.

The kids would run up and knock on the doors, then scamper back to the group on the sidewalk.  When someone came to the door, we broke out into song.  I’ve been singing these songs, Christmas carols, my entire life.  They are familiar and comfortable.  People like that.  We are creatures of habit.

The responses of people, from their doorsteps, ran the continuum, from various displays of not interested, through to joining in, with their voices and smiles.

The most curious responses though where when, after our song ends, the person(s) on the doorstep shouts out to us, Who are you?  And we answer, We are your neighbours.

It’s funny how we live our lives.

Now, I’m humbled.  I’ve often been the one to ask that question, too, who are you?

The holidays are a great time, and opportunity, to connect with neighbours.  Connections can bring us joy, make us stronger, and collectively adaptive, to what the future brings.

I was thankful for last night’s opportunity to connect with neighbours, some for the first time.

What will you be thankful for this holiday season? Leave a comment.

Photo credit: NeoXerxes

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