The Cloud and Mobile are the Mediator's future office

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I mediated a trans-national business dispute last week.  The mediation took place over several days, and was conducted online, over the Internet.  There was zero physical paper exchanged.  I worked from my laptop, from my home office.  Essentially, all the software I used was based in the “Cloud”, and either free or low-cost.   I’m grateful.

The Cloud Mediator

As a freelance mediator, I use Cloud computing to:

  • send/receive emails
  • teleconference
  • web/videoconference
  • store documents and forms
  • e-sign for document approvals
  • get paid

I’m finding the flexibility of being a freelancer, plus the Cloud, offers up some interesting technology integration options to the virtual mediator/facilitator.

Mediator Mobility

What’s scary (or exciting, depending on my mood) is that I anticipate all of the Cloud computing work I do on a laptop will soon be available on a mobile device.

I see a time when the mobile mediator will be able to respond to mediation demand:

  • from anywhere
  • for anyone
  • and at little or no transaction cost

Sure, there are a few constraints; bandwidth and cultural differences being two biggies.  For how long, though?

The train has already left the station

My own experience, both as a mediator and virtual facilitator, is that configuring and  personalizing an Online World, that benefits both your customers and you, is getting easier to do, and at an accelerating pace. The young-at-heart will be advantaged.   Competition will be stiff.

How are you and/or your organization preparing for that eventuality?

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  1. Hey Ben,
    I wonder what some of your favourite programs/apps are for some of these things. Might make a great post 🙂

  2. Hi Jason, I tend to use Google & Skype a lot. Mainstream stuff. Echosign works well for e-signatures. Plus I like using mindmapping software, too, for outlining negotiation options.

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