2011 Favourites and Best Wishes for 2012

Happy New Year!

Thank you for giving me, and this blog, your attention over the last year.  I’ve enjoyed connecting with you, many of you personally, and look forward to what new beginnings, and continuing adventures, 2012 offers us.

Here are the most visited blog posts on Collaborative Journeys in 2011:


  1. Strategies to reduce the gap between rich and poor, and make stronger communities
  2. Constructive Conflict: Revisiting the genius of Mary Parker Follett
  3. The Storytelling Class: Canadian documentary impresses Movie Monday crowd
  4. The Magic Relationship Ratio
  5. When the unexpected happens calamity in Botolan, Philippines
  6. 15 Ways to bridge the gap between cultures and communities in conflict
  7. The turtle: A symbol of creativity AND collaboration
  8. The good farmer: An expert in relationships and sustainability
  9. Historical UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples can implementation be far behind?
  10. Meghalaya’s Living Bridges = multi-generation collaboration


Though many of these were written prior to 2011, for whatever reasons they resonated with viewers in 2011.  Hey, does that mean I was ahead of my time?  Of course, it could mean a few other things, too…

All the best for you in 2012.  I hope it is a fruitful and peaceful year for you.

Cheers, Ben.

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