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What hat will you wear, in your negotiations, in 2010?

Our calendar says a new year is about to start.  How do we want the coming year to play out for ourselves?  What will we resolve to do? As a mediator, when the parties are at loggerheads, unable to leave their position, e.g., I’m right, he’s wrong, I often remind the folks that we all […]

The Cridge Centre for the Family: Why is it the longest serving non-profit society in B.C.?

The Cridge Centre for the Family, in Victoria, was founded in 1873, and is the longest serving non-profit society in British Columbia. It provides social services and care to people of all ages, in the Greater Victoria community and beyond. How is it that The Cridge has continued to innovate, and remain a vital part […]

39 Insights into the makeup of innovative teams: From the 2009 IdeaConnection interviews

To give businesses access to the world’s most creative and innovative people, who work collaboratively to solve problems and develop innovations.  That is the mission statement of IdeaConnection, a company headquartered in Victoria, BC.  In the spirit of access, IdeaConnection interviews leading innovation authors, and makes the interview notes available on their website.  The majority […]

Level Ground Trading: Linking sustainability to long-term relationships

You go to the store.  You look for the fairly traded coffee.  You make the purchase.  What now?  Who benefits from your purchase?  Sure, you’re a satisfied consumer.  And, it’s more than just the coffee tasting good. You’ve just, through your purchase, contributed to a making the world a better, fairer place.  Really?  Have you […]

Parameters to consider if your organization wants to resolve its' disputes online

The more we interact online, the more disputes will happen in that medium.   ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) is an extension of ADR (aka Alternative /Appropriate Dispute Resolution).   ODR is becoming the defacto way to resolve cyberspace disputes.   It only makes sense! There is some interesting things going on in the field of ODR.   In late […]