Archives for March 2009

An apology can make it safe to collaborate

The recent newswire story proclaimed “Sorry no longer the hardest word in Ontario”. Ontario passed legislation this month that will allow people to say sorry without fear of having it turned against them in court. Under the new rules, apologies can’t be used as an admission of fault or liability and won’t affect someone’s insurance […]

7 Ways that Social Business is a model of inclusion

Muhammad Yunus is microfinance pioneer, founder of Grameen Bank, and a leader in the movement for social business.  His work in creating businesses that do good to people and solve social problems earned him the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize.  Inclusion is a key component of his approach to business. There has been much written in the […]

Question Bank: A place to invest your organization's important questions

It’s been said there is more learning in the question itself than the answer. If your organization emphasizes learning; then good questions represent an investment in learning. To better manage that investment, why not maintain a question bank. Last week I participated in a meeting with some mediator colleagues involved in the The Court Mediation […]

The circle as a process

I’m always impressed by the process and outcomes when we gather in a circle. As collaborators, leveraging the power of the circle seems something we can do more of. Our ancestors gathered around a fire in a circle. Families gather around the kitchen table in a circle. As a society we seem slow in learning […]

The underlying interests that motivate your business users

If I could help you get good at what you really want to do, how would that you make you feel? Maybe you would want to see more of me? How can you help the people you depend on, your clients, partners, collaborators; get really good at what they want to do, and become passionate […]