The underlying interests that motivate your business users

If I could help you get good at what you really want to do, how would that you make you feel? Maybe you would want to see more of me?

How can you help the people you depend on, your clients, partners, collaborators; get really good at what they want to do, and become passionate users of your service?

Kathy Sierra has some ideas on how. 

Kathy Sierra is a noted technology author and expert, and founder of the world’s largest Java (software) certification website, She also has creative and brilliant insights into what motivates people in organizations. Her insights go beyond the boundaries of IT development and end-user satisfaction.

Her ideas are permeated with a belief that (business) users would welcome you, and what you offer, if you could help them address their deeper needs and interests e.g., their desire:

  • to be better at what they do
  • to have richer, deeper, high resolution experiences
  • to move from a feeling of this sucks to I’m kicking ass
  • to feeling passionate about what they do
  • to have easy ways to justify their passions to others
  • to have opportunity to practice what they want to master, in a safe, non-threatening work environment
  • for tools that enable, not the tools themselves
  • to be happy (even if only for 5 minutes a day)
  • and more�

In this 34 minute video, Kathy talks about her ideas in presentation titled how to grow and nurture your (user) community. The presentation, which was a highlite of the Future of Web Apps Expo in London, UK in October 2008, is full of innovative ideas, inspiration and humour. Enjoy.

Kathy Sierra was also a very popular blogger. Her blog creating passionate users was discontinued in 2007; yet still remains accessible, fascinating, and an excellent resource. Highly recommended.

What’s got your users feeling passionate about what they do?

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