U Connect: The Art of Making Connections to Resolve Disputes

I published my 2nd e-book this week, on Amazon.  It’s titled: U Connect: The Art of Making Connections to Resolve Disputes.  It’s a consolidation of some my observations, along with insights I’ve culled from others, around “making connections”.

U Connect: The Art of Making Connections to Resolve DisputesHere’s the Table of Contents and here’s the Introduction section:

Disputes happen. How do we respond?

One way is to blame ”them”.  That is the way of judgement.

This e-book is about another way; people working together to make connections, find common ground, and resolve their differences.  Core to this collaborative problem-solving approach is making connections, of all sorts.

Making connections, building bridges between people, is an art.

Making connections is part of the dispute resolution journey, a journey that starts with attitude, a mindset of humility, presence and wayfinding.  Authentic conversations can then follow.  It’s conversations that bring us together, and it’s through conversation we change, connect and find common ground.  Iteratively, we reach agreement on how to move forward in constructive ways.

Mediators love metaphors. Being a mediator, I use the U as a metaphor for visualizing the road to resolution, and to give context for making connections.

This e-book provides 14 types of connections that can be made to facilitate dispute resolution.  The basic ideas and concepts in this book can be applied almost anywhere there is a need to bridge differences between people.

Our human brain is wired to connect.  Learning to make connections builds on our natural capabilities.

Make connecting a habit.  Be a connector.

Much success,


My inspiration for this book came from many sources… colleagues, social media friends, local community connectors, neighbours, family… thank you all!

I’ve self-published U Connect using the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform on Amazon.  I priced it at $2.49…. a somewhat arbitrary number, I know… it approximates what I often seem to spend on a cup of coffee these days… oh, yeah and its within the “approved” price range.  Note: KDP will NOT let me/you (assuming you are as a small independent like me) publish for free (my preference).  The minimum e-book price allowed is $.99.  KDP e-books can be priced up to $200.

U Connect can be purchased from Kindle devices and Kindle apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac, Blackberry, and Android-based devices.  To purchase and read Kindle e-books from your PC, download Kindle for PC (it’s free).

If the e-book format is new to you, here’s your chance to give it a go.  It’s new to me too, and the e-publishing part has been a bit of trial and error, learning-as-I-go.

I’d love if you checked out U Connect.  Leave a review on Amazon… and/or comment here on this blog.


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