What's your default?

Two months ago, the default rule for setting out my garbage and compost changed.  It used to be that I placed all garbage and compost into one type of container.  That container was picked up by the City and taken to the local landfill.  That changed.  Now the City provides two types of containers, one […]

How to build dispute resolution capacity in public jurisdictions and systems

Conflict is part of our lives, from Day 1.  Disputes happen; all kinds of disputes.  Public jurisdictions, and systems, should ensure that there are sufficient resources available for people and organizations to resolve disputes.  They should.  Few do. How to build local capacity Larry Susskind is a leading figure in the field of public dispute […]

27 ways Filipinos create successful, collaborative e-Governance projects

From a global perspective, the Philippines is seriously lacking in financial resources.Of course this presents a major challenge to project delivery.Yet, increasingly I’m appreciating other ways, beyond the allocation of more funds, which contribute to project success. As I see it in practice, here in the Philippines, at the heart of those other ways are […]

Personal paths intersect on e-Government project in San Felipe, Philippines

The project team has been assembled and sprung into action. Each team member brings their own personal stories to the project. I thought I’d briefly share the stories of three people I’ve met this week; Frederick Torres, Elsie Alip and Mark Nery. All are members of the eBPLS (e-Business Permit & Licensing System) project in […]