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Are you ready for the unexpected?

How do you respond when someone throws a wrench into your day? Here’s how one classical musician responded, after a Nokia ring tone went off in the middle of his performance (thanks to my local fiddler/composer friend, Paul Gitlitz, for bringing this to my attention). (If the video not displaying, click here) I found this […]

U Connect: The Art of Making Connections to Resolve Disputes

I published my 2nd e-book this week, on Amazon.  It’s titled: U Connect: The Art of Making Connections to Resolve Disputes.  It’s a consolidation of some my observations, along with insights I’ve culled from others, around “making connections”. Here’s the Table of Contents and here’s the Introduction section: Disputes happen. How do we respond? One […]

A mediation is like a good holiday.  Here’s why… —————————————————————- A weekend vacation trip does not give enough time to find the holiday ”sweet spot”. Bruce Kirkby wrote a great article in last weekend’s Globe & Mail about the holiday ”sweet spot”.  As a veteran outdoors trip guide, he knows all about the magic and […]