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Religion, Spirituality and Social Media: An evening at Social Media Club Victoria

What are the hardest (or most important?) subjects to talk about? Many would say religion, politics and sex.  Well, last night at the Victoria’s Social Media Club, religion was talked about; openly, and with enthusiasm.  The topic: Religion, Spirituality and Social Media. Leading the discussion were a three-person panel; Venerable Eshu Martin (Abbot) is the […]

Self-organized teams of 4: The new model for learning?

I was floored by this recent TED talk by Sugata Mitra: Child-driven Education, all about the potential and power of self-organized learning.  Its message has huge implications for learning, no matter the age.  I got wind of this talk via Johnnie moore.  Here’s the video   Experimenting with education In 1999, Mitra and his colleagues […]

Social status and friendship = a pair of opposites

We choose our friends.  And, I’d like to be able to call anybody my friend, even if they are from a different social rank.  Why is this so hard? Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett offer up some insight in the The Spirit Level: Why greater equality makes societies stronger. The big idea Collecting internationally comparable […]

Your Mission: Create a Global Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) System

How do you create a global dispute resolution system? Its happening now.  Momentum is building to define a global Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) system to handle cross-border, low value disputes.  An ODR and Consumers 2010 Forum will be held in Vancouver on November 2 and 3, 2010 to keep the ball rolling. ODR and Consumers […]

The turtle: A symbol of creativity AND collaboration

  The turtle is a central figure in mythologies around the world; including the aboriginal traditions in the Pacific Northwest region of North America where I live.  I’ve used a turtle as a logo on this blog since day one. John Cleese on creativity and the turtle While I have my reasons for liking turtles […]