10 Ways Cops Support Community-based Collaboration and Justice

A bunch of things triggered this list, no pun intended. Police operate at the intersection of many different civic and community relationships.  That position offers them many opportunities to influence and mediate, in collaborative ways. 1. Fewer guns:  Many cities/countries (e.g., London/UK) don’t have every police officer carry a firearm.  Could most of Toronto’s cops […]

11 Ways to Commit to Restorative Justice Practices

When relationships don’t  matter, we are more inclined to do bad things.  There has been a lot of media in my neck of the woods this fall, around broken relationships, and doing bad things. I think there is no time like this time, to focus more on our relationships to each other, as a measure […]

This Week in Virtual Tools, Collaboration and Learning

Living the virtual life, large?  Spending hours a day online can be more than watching the latest Gangnam Style video (though fun!).  Over the past week, my online work has been a fortunate mix of client activities, virtual learning, monitoring the networks, participating in a community event, and more. Diverse participation in the virtual ecosystem […]

RIP Dr. Roger Fisher

I cut my conflict management teeth on the work of Dr. Roger Fisher.  His book, Getting to Yes, co-authored with William Ury, and first published in 1981, is the seminal book on interest-based negotiation theory and practice.  Dr. Fisher died this week.  He is a legend in the conflict resolution community.  His legacy includes the […]