This Week in Virtual Tools, Collaboration and Learning

Living the virtual life, large?  Spending hours a day online can be more than watching the latest Gangnam Style video (though fun!).  Over the past week, my online work has been a fortunate mix of client activities, virtual learning, monitoring the networks, participating in a community event, and more.

Diverse participation in the virtual ecosystem can help hone your collaborative abilities and capacities, and increase your value to your customers and clients… not to mention it keeps you engaged in the medium. 🙂

A week in virtual review

Here’s some ways I got involved virtually, over the last week and a bit, and to what end.

Twitter chat:  Participated in #citychat last week, a twitter chat hosted by MIT’s Community Innovators Lab.  Special guests last week were Lorne Daniel (@lornedaniel)and Steve Woolrich (@SeCureCS) of Rethink Urban, with the chat conversation focused around public spaces.  Check out the transcript from that chat, here.  Smart folks, building community.  And, balancing our virtual lives with a local vibran re-generative community is so important.

Google Drive / Skype: With my virtual innovation challenge team, did some real-time collaboration work using a combination of Skype + Google Drive.

Webex / Ning conferencing:  Currently, I’m participating in the Riders on the Storm Summit, virtual participatory learning for facilitators, consultants +

Teleconference:  Nothing like the tried and true teleconference, this time with a remote client, to review work progress.

RSS Feed: I subscribe to way too many blogs!  Yet, as much as I fall back with info overload, they are often a source of flowing inspiration, as was the case with this recent one from Chris Corrigan, where I got some inspiration around working with groups (definitely, watch/listen to the video)

Taking it full circle

Hey, I know you!  Two weeks ago, I was in New Orleans, participating in the Association for Conflict Resolution’s annual conference.  One of the highlights for me was meeting and hanging out with peers, whom I had only known up to then on social media.  What a blast!  And now, we’re all back in our places, communicating again through the virtual sphere.  Full circle!

What was your virtual week like?


photo credit: marc0047 on Flickr

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