Motivate others by creating and sharing your stories of collaboration

We are our stories.   Stories motivate us, for better or worse. Creating the story of your organization or community begs the question… what will you include in your story?  And, how will you connect the dots, the discrete events in your organization or community’s life into some sort of collaborative whole?   The challenge doubles […]

Picture Collaboration: An Illustrated Guide for Working Together to Solve Problems

People work together, collaborate, to solve problems.   Yet, more often than not, getting to a place where you can say “problem: solved” comes with an array of challenges to navigate; negativity, uncertainty, silos, command and control, time, conflict, limited options, bad habits… obstacles to overcome. Picture Collaboration So, how do we collaboratively get from […]

12 Things you should know as a Facilitator of effective “communications”

As a mediator and facilitator of various types of conversations, in-person and virtual, I’m always learning when it comes to being a better “communicator”.    In 2013, I added to my list of  insights on that front. For instance, did you know… Inter-personal communications is essentially the process of sending  and receiving messages. The word […]

Why virtual conversation facilitators need to get comfortable using social technologies

Do you facilitate conversations?  And, do you work virtually, or want to, yet need some convincing as to why virtual facilitation skills matter?   Here is my logic case for why and how you should invest some personal learning equity in social technologies.   Communication is about sending and receiving messages. Living beings communicate their message […]

Independence or Interdependence: What’s your default when calamity hits?

Disasters happen.  The people of the Philippines know this acutely, right now.   Typhoon Haiyan was a mega-storm.   It had no precedent.  How do people survive in a situation like that?  What will they rely on for survival, in the storm’s aftermath? Reliance on family Well, it didn’t surprise me to read in this weekend’s Globe […]