Upcoming Victoria workshop to help you embrace and implement a culture of “speaking up”

It seems to me that every workplace employer I’ve interacted with over the last couple of years has mentioned how challenging it can sometimes be for their employees (and sometimes, themselves!) to authentically “speak up”.

Speaking Up

Speaking up is more than just “speaking truth to power”. It’s about improving team performance by engaging in open dialogue. Through open dialogue, team members are able to safely challenge each other, explore different perspectives, and all available knowledge is shared when addressing important issues.

Unfortunately, open dialogue doesn’t always come naturally. People will refrain from speaking up, and voicing new ideas, to avoid contradicting a superior or embarrassing a colleague. Sometimes, people remain silent because they don’t want to risk looking ignorant or coming across as a know-it-all. Keeping quiet can work for one’s self-protection, yet it does little for problem solving, as a group.

“Speaking Up” Workshop in Victoria on May 14

Building on employer feedback, inspired by others’ ideas (e.g., Edmondson, Dixon, and Edmonds,) and my own experiences working with a variety of work teams and cultures (locally, internationally, and virtually) over the last few decades, I’ve designed a 3 hour participatory workshop, Speaking Up: How to Improve Team Performance by Engaging in Open Dialogue, that will help you embrace and implement a culture of “speaking up”.

This workshop is next offered on May 14, in Victoria, at the downtown offices of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce (I’m a member).

Together, we’ll explore the communication and conversational skills, team climate, and team routines that enable speaking up. I am hoping the participants will learn from each other, as much as from myself, the instructor.

For more workshop details and to register: Speaking Up: How to Improve Team Performance by Engaging in Open Dialogue.

I’d love to have you attend!


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