Sexual Consent, Serving Tea and Learning Through Metaphor

Sexual consent speaks to how we treat each other. When we choose consent, as our way, we choose constructive, relationship-oriented behaviour. We choose a collaborative way.

How do we know if sex is consensual? Using ‘serving tea’ as a metaphor for sexual consent, this 3-minute animation by Blue Seat Studios (building on the work of blogger Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess) creatively, with humour, communicates the answer: (Note: there are a couple salty words near the beginning of the video; after that – the language is squeaky clean).

Tea and Consent from Blue Seat Studios on Vimeo.

(Video not displaying? Watch it here, on Vimeo)

Mediators and sexual consent

Like sexual consent, mediators, facilitators, and bridge builders of all kinds, will do well to keep in mind:

  • don’t force your solution on them
  • its ok for people to change their mind
  • be open to a future that is different from the past
  • make sure they are safe
  • consent is everything

Metaphors rock

Metaphors can be a wonderful way to communicate; i.e., to make common, get on the same page.

Your choice of metaphor matters.

Linking tea drinking to sexual consent is smart. Tea drinking is, for the most part, a shared human experience. We can relate to tea, and the customs and traditions associated with tea drinking. It’s easy to talk about. Sex is another matter.  We are often at a loss for words. A match made in heaven. Yin yang. Tea gives words to sex.

More about the animation and web learning

That sexual consent is effectively communicated through an animated metaphor, using stick people and tea, is a testament to the potential of web-learning.


Libretto: @RStarDinoPirate provided the original text.

Visualization: @BlueSeatStudios created the animation(s); including a 100% “clean” version for use by school teachers. Awesome.

Serendipity: I came across the animation on Twitter, via respected journalist and (formally local) citizen, Jody Paterson (@Jody Paterson).

As Jane Hart says, The Web is my Workplace (and Learnplace).


A sexual consent flow chart?

If you know of another, effective, all-ages, metaphor for explaining sexual consent, please share.

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