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Great collaborative workspaces are designed with diversity in mind

En route between visits to family in Vermont and rural Ontario, I spent a day in Toronto last week.  Toronto is Canada’s most diverse city, and alongside New York, perhaps the most diverse in North America. While in Toronto, I had the good fortune to meet and chat with Tonya Surman, executive director of Canada’s […]

Reduce the gap: Integrate thinking and doing

Sometimes the gap between people seems so big that no common ground exists, no collaborative solution possible. Sort of like the current gap between U.S. Democrat and Republican politicians, negotiating the national debt?  Or maybe the gap in a project team, in which teamwork is just a notion?  Or, maybe the gap between businesses, or […]

11 Reasons why Grandmothers are good Mediators

Let’s leave our dispute resolution expertise aside for a moment.  If I had to package up the skills that a mediator, or anyone tasked with facilitating negotiations, would do well to have, that package might surely remind you of a grandmother you know, or knew.  Here’s why: Grandmothers are good at seeing the positive core […]

How to build dispute resolution capacity in public jurisdictions and systems

Conflict is part of our lives, from Day 1.  Disputes happen; all kinds of disputes.  Public jurisdictions, and systems, should ensure that there are sufficient resources available for people and organizations to resolve disputes.  They should.  Few do. How to build local capacity Larry Susskind is a leading figure in the field of public dispute […]