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Summer, jazz, and lessons learned

Summer and festivals go together. I’ve been volunteering this week at Jazzfest, the Victoria International Jazz Festival. It’s the 27th annual. It’s a great festival.  I’ve volunteered other years, too.  It’s one way I show my appreciation for what jazz has given me. Jazzfest, the festival The Victoria Jazz Society is a professional arts organization […]

"Out" your assets to expose your collaborative potential

Each one of us has gifts to offer, whether you’re a bookkeeper, beekeeper, barber.  Do you know the gifts of that person sitting across from you? Do you know what yours are? Your gifts are assets. Identifying and sharing those assets can increase the value of whatever situation, team, organization, neighbourhood, association, city, you are […]

Getting ready for the future: Big Brother or Webmind?

Thinking of the future offers us a choice.  Will it be a dystopian one, a la 1984, George Orwell and Big Brother, or will it be one of abundance, and positive potential? It can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. In his World Wide Web (WWW) trilogy (Wake , Watch , Wonder), science fiction author, par excellence, […]