Island Good – Major Vancouver Island food retail competitors collaborate for VIEA pilot project success

Suppose someone asked you to “prepare a meal using only food products grown, produced or manufactured locally”. Could you do it? What foods would you include? What about if you were asked to prepare meals, using only local produce, for a day, or entire week? That’s the challenge that was undertaken a few years ago […]

The way we were: Was it really that groovy?

[This is a guest post by Susanna Jani.   Susanna is highly respected in British Columbia (and beyond) for her contributions to the field of mediation.  Mediate BC named an award after her; the annual Susanna Jani Prize for Excellence in Mediation.   So well deserved!   Susanna’s  commitment and generous spirit has won her many friends, including me. :)] My conversation with a friend […]

Online Dispute Resolution is a green business

Collaboration is good. There can be a result that flows from people working together, that surpasses the sum of their individual contributions. Such is the case with ODR: The next green giant, a paper authored by Noam Ebner (@NoamEbner on Twitter) and Colleen Getz, with background support from Susanna Jani (@DistanceProject). It’s about ODR (Online […]