Gillian Lindquist: Community Connector

Gillian Lindquist knows how to bring people together, and get them talking, openly and honestly, about difficult situations. In her role as Program Coordinator, Victoria Restorative Justice Society (VRJS), I’ve observed her (I’m a VRJS member and ex-Board member) consistently reach out and connect people, and organizations, in the community. The context is always challenging; […]

Steven Baileys: Community Connector

Steven Baileys knows how to make people feel welcome, welcome in the room, welcome in the community, welcome in the country. I first met Steven in late 2010.  He was facilitating a workshop on Culturally Welcoming Businesses.  I was an attendee.  My initial impression, of someone who is genuine, sees the upside in others, and […]

What is Community and who are Community Connectors?

According John McKnight and Peter Block, “community” is a general term to describe what occurs outside systems and institutions. It also refers to an aggregation of people or neighbourhoods that have something in common. … and (from John and Peter), characteristic of “community connectors” are people who are:   Gift centred; see the positive, the […]