Looking ahead: How would Seth Godin market mediation?

picture of eagleAlmost 5 years ago, Seth Godin wrote a post about the challenges of marketing climate change.  In that post, he said:

“It doesn’t matter what you market. Human beings want:

– totems and icons
– meters (put a real-time mpg or co2 meter in every car and watch what happens)
– fashion
– stories
– pictures

95% of the new ideas that don’t spread–even though their founders and fans believe they should–fail because of the list above.

So thinking of Seth’s list (which I only recently came across) here’s what I see are some of the ideas we “mediators” market today and thinking ahead, a few others which I think it might be worth our while to market:

Common today Common tomorrow?
totems and icons Justice system scales Community circle 
meters Settlement rate Dispute to resolution time 
fashion Alternate Dispute Resolution professional Resolutionary
stories Access to mediators Citizen apps
pictures Human intermediary Virtual learning agent (human or machine)


Looking ahead… what ideas will you be marketing? (they may be todays’) And will you be giving human beings what they want?

Photo credit: Tambako the jaguar

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  1. Interesting thoughts Ben, there is actually quite the conversation happening at Adrhub.com right now under the ADR Book Club (reading ‘The Tipping Point’)

    What I have just started to do is let people know that they are the drivers through mediation. I think most people would rather be a driver then a passenger. That’s one thing I’ve been thinking about lately.

  2. Hey Jason, thanks for pointing me to ADRHub book club… I’m a bit of a book worm and would probably enjoy those conversations. I liked your recent post re: driver/passenger. One thing that fascinates me about choice… more control vs. less control… is there’s so often a paradox… at times giving up control can give you more control… I think its another skill of us mediators to know when to suggest/hint to a disputant that giving up control (eg. on one negotiation issue/item) might actually be a good thing on the path to finding a settlement.

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