Communications and Making “Common” – In Real Life and Virtual

Most of us advocate for better communications between people.   What exactly does it mean though, ‘communications’?

Apparently its roots are Latin in origin, and mean to make “common”.   If we think of communications as making common, getting on the same page, then its part and parcel of effective collaboration.   And that making common, and collaboration, can happen anywhere, face-to-face, aka In Real Life, or in virtual spaces.

Making common is one of the many things you should know as a facilitator of effective communications.

Here’s a short screencast I made this week as a way to explain making common, and the role that the medium plays: 

(Can’t see video? Click here)

Speaking of communications and mediums, this fun one minute Historica Canada video honors/parodies Marshall Mcluhan, of “the medium is the message” fame.   Enjoy.   

(Can’t see video? Click here)

While Mcluhan’s message still rings loud, I prefer to rejig his phrase to ‘The medium AND the message’.  It seems the mediator way. 🙂   Or maybe you have a better phrase?

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