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Nowhere Else on Earth

With good collaboration, anything is possible. Collaboration in the Rain Forest Up the coast from where I live in British Columbia is a one of our world’s natural treasures, the Great Bear Rain Forest.  It’s the context for an epic collaboration, involving environmental groups, government, forest industry and First Nations.   It’s also the context for […]

Puente Theatre: Community Innovation

It’s from the edges of our life that some of our greatest opportunities for learning and growth come.  I can safely say theatrical experience is at the edge of my life. So, when I met with the Lina de Guevara this week, for a conversation, I knew I was going to discover some new things.  […]

Ride the waves: How participation in a Twitter chat can benefit you and your community

If you are looking for some experiential social media learning, in a supportive environment, Twitter chats make a good bet. I particularly enjoy the Twitter chats.  They are held the last Wednesday of each month.  Most of the folks who participate are mediators, and other professionals, who practice non-adversarial approaches to conflict resolution.  We’re […]