Ride the waves: How participation in a Twitter chat can benefit you and your community

If you are looking for some experiential social media learning, in a supportive environment, Twitter chats make a good bet.

I particularly enjoy the ADRHub.com Twitter chats.  They are held the last Wednesday of each month.  Most of the folks who participate are mediators, and other professionals, who practice non-adversarial approaches to conflict resolution.  We’re a community of practice.

Last week, I joined with a dozen other folks (and a few lurkers?) for our monthly chat.

Here’s what I got out of it:

  1. had fun
  2. felt welcomed, safe, part of a community
  3. gave answers to others questions
  4. got answers to my questions
  5. learned some things I didn’t know about my peers
  6. benefited from serendipity; I didn’t know that
  7. enjoyed others wit, humour, brevity!
  8. enjoyed the spirit of generosity paying it forward
  9. made new connections AND felt part of a conversation
  10. practiced real-time cyber communication skills; no pain, no gain!
  11. further appreciated the work of a great organization, Mediators Beyond Borders (courtesy of the chat’s special guest, Prabha Sankaranarayan @prabha_sankar )
  12. got stumped why was I not a Mediators Beyond Borders member?
  13. observed two practitioners skilled at online hosting, Jason Dykstra and Jeff Thompson (@jasondyk , @mediatorjeff )
  14. nourished our ADR community-of-practice
  15. saw how structure and chaos can work hand-in-hand, and what could be more important than that!

Twitter is designed as a ‘social’ media.  Twitter chats happen all the time.  All you need is some kindred spirits and a hashtag to organize the chat around. Find a chat that fits with your interests.  Get wet.  Ride the Twitter waves.  You and your community will be glad you did.

And, if you’re a Twitter chat veteran, what would you add to the above list?  Leave a comment.

Photo credit: mikebaird on Flickr

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