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Creative Thinkering: Video Book Review

Are you a problem-solver?  Do you find yourself struggling to come up with creative ideas?  Then I recommend you check out Michael Michalko‘s books.  I did. Here’s my video report on his latest book, Creative Thinkering: Putting Your Imagination to Work.  (video not displaying? click here). And, here’s a short summary of some of the […]

Ken Kelly: Connecting Communities in Downtown Victoria

Like any city centre, downtown Victoria is a place where people from different communities intersect; residential, visitor, business, service, cultural.  Each community is diverse. Residents may be living in high-end condos or in short-term residence at Our Place.  Visitors include tourists, local shoppers, and the transient homeless. Businesses range from big bank office to small, […]

Silence: Pattern Interruptus

When conflict is all around, resolution seems distant, and the voices ring loud, sometimes the best way forward is to say nothing silence. As a mediator, I’ve found silence can be an effective pattern interrupt technique, a way to break impasse, especially if the parties in a dispute aren’t listening well, are locked onto negativity, […]

CIIAN: Helping Nations build their conflict resolution capacity

I had a great long-distance conversation with Evan Hoffman this week.  Based in Ottawa, he is Executive Director of the Canadian International Institute of Applied Negotiation (CIIAN), a Canadian NGO, as well as being a Faculty member with the School of Peace and Conflict Management at Royal Roads University. Initially connecting with Evan through Twitter […]

10 Diverse ways to build your capacity to appreciate the Other

My first blogging inclination this week was to write a glorious followup to a post I wrote a year ago, on strategies to reduce the income inequality gap.  Getting into it, I quickly discovered I may have overstretched myself.  Rather than snap, I humbly offer this alternative…   It is through our shared disconnection, that […]