Archives for March 2011

Opportunity: A Chance to Resolve Your Dispute Online for Free

Over the last couple of months I’ve been engaged to an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) project initiative, being sponsored by leading British Columbia justice and mediation organizations.  There is an immediate opportunity to get your civil dispute resolved, for free, as part of this initiative.  Here’s the deal: The Opportunity Are you involved in a […]

This week's Twitter tweets

Most days, I spend a bit of time on Twitter. And almost every day, I come across something interesting via Twitter, applicable to my own fields of interest. Here’s a sampling of what got my attention this week on Twitter, and/or that I felt sharing with the world, via my tweets.  There are many interesting […]

Learn through virtuous moments

“We learn some of the most important lessons in our lives in very short moments.” We know that.  When you want to learn something new, and put the hammer down, trying to force learning, it rarely works.  As fatigue sets in, our I’ll do this 10 times, turns into 20, then 30, and before long, […]

Midwives and Mediators: Facilitating new beginnings

Midwives and mediators have much in common.  I’m convinced. Last week I read Ami McKay‘s excellent, and popular, novel, The Birth House. Set in small town Nova Scotia in the early 20th century, the story initially orients around an elder midwife, and her young protege.  Using traditional herbs and remedies, they help local women through […]