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Home is Where The Food Is

Home is Where The Food Is is an animated short film made by Jody Kramer for the 100 Mile Diet Society in Vancouver, BC.  It follows every ingredient of a delicious and simple meal to its source.  It’s a story wonderfully told, and a story of collaboration. This film was shown as part of Food […]

It takes a system to change a system

It takes a system to change a system.  I love that phrase.  I came across it a couple weeks ago when reading British Columbia mediator/lawyer Nancy Cameron’s excellent book Collaborative Practice: Deepening the Dialogue.  This book is a road map for family lawyers making the journey from traditional litigation to collaborative practice. Now, I’m not […]

The good farmer: An expert in relationships and sustainability

There is a view of farmers that I believe seriously undervalues their value, in the bigger scheme of things.  I’ve thought this for a long time.  It goes back to my early years living on my late Dad’s farm.  He grew crops and raised pigs for market.  Yet; he was also a German Jewish intellectual, […]

Gift the "open source' spirit to your next collaboration

Open Source is both a way of working together and a state-of-mind.  Typically associated with an approach to software development, it’s also a philosophy, and something I think aligns with a spirit of generosity and authentic collaboration, even if your project is not focused on software development. The Open Source spirit Brian Behlendorf is a […]