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The Market on Millstream: A community-oriented hub for food producers and consumers

Increasingly, I find myself thinking about food security, and the people and businesses who support local farmers and food producers.  The Market on Millstream is one such business. In late 2009, The Market on Millstream, a local grocery store where I live, was named Canadian Independent Grocer of the Year, in the medium surface category, […]

Shipped: Collaborative Maxims – Principles for working together in an organization

A few weeks back, I passed my 1-year anniversary as a blogger.  Knowing how important it is (so Seth Godin says in Linchpin) to ship, to execute, I thought I’d do some (humble) shipping of my own. Yesterday, I published an e-book Collaborative Maxims: Principles for working together in an organization (You can purchase the […]

Two books on workplace creativity and collaboration to help jumpstart your organization

I recently finished a couple of excellent books about workplace collaboration, authored by people immersed in creativity and the arts. Amen!  I found these two books complement each other nicely. The Collaborative Habit The first book is The Collaborative Habit: Life Lessons for Working Together.  It’s written by Twyla Tharp, a leading and innovative American […]

Curling: Bringing a touch of community to the 2010 Winter Olympics

Curling may be the perfect Canadian game said Stuart McLean.  I heard him say that yesterday, on his weekly, nationally-syndicated CBC Radio show the Vinyl Cafe. And how appropriate is it that this community-oriented game is given a high profile, as an official athletic event, in the corporate-influenced 2010 Winter Olympics, which start this Friday […]

Ten Thousand Villages: Working with Haitian artisans – past present and future

Ten Thousand Villages is the oldest and largest Fair Trade organization in North America. Through a network of 50 stores in Canada and 150 stores in the United States, Ten Thousand Villages sells artisan-crafted personal accessories, home decor and gift items, from around the globe. Ten Thousand Villages works with artisans, otherwise unemployed or underemployed, […]