Archives for June 2009

On Communities of Practice, Knowledge, and Trees

How does your organization or collaborative learn from experience?  How do you take the knowledge of your experts, make it available to those who need it, and create value in the process?  Communities of Practice provide a great way to do this. Those communities are defined by Etienne Wenger, Richard McDermott, and William Snynder in […]

Making it easy to build consensus and move forward together

How can I make it easier for people and organizations to build consensus and move forward together?  That’s the question I try keep in front of me, as I go about the day-to-day of my business.  And, here’s a simple mental model I created to help guide me in how I answer that question: This […]

The 100 Mile Diet: A story of collaboration?

Does getting the job done closer to home align with collaborative best practice?  That’s the question I’m asking myself after reading The 100 Mile Diet – A Year of Local Eating by Alisa Smith and J.B. Mackinnon.  Published in 2007, this book became a bestseller, and inspiration for many around the world.  These folks are […]

10 Lessons on collaboration as taught by our musical brain

Music has been with humans since we first became humans, it has shaped the world through six kinds of songs: friendship, joy, comfort, knowledge, religion, and love.   So demonstrates Daniel J. Levitin in his book The World in Six Songs – How the musical brain created human nature.  I read this book with interest.  I’ve […]