A Care Grid Vision – Applying Principles of the Electricity Grid to Elder Care

What to do… What to do? When it comes to the elder care time bomb, we know the cost of caring for the elderly; the graph accelerates sharply as we approach the end. The chart below is for Canada. The scenario is common around a good chunk of the ‘Western’ world.  These scenarios are unsustainable. […]

Family Caregivers: Where Would The Health Care System Be Without Them?

When it comes to the health care system, its easy to fall through the cracks. Though often unintentional, the system seems to favour poor communication. To communicate is to make “common”; to be on the same page. Rarely, are all the people that contribute to your well being on the same page. A sad outcome from […]

Tips for visualizing resolution from the world of golf

“I hit a crazy shot that I saw in my head.”   That’s what Bubba Watson said, after hitting a miracle shot on the second hole of a sudden-death playoff with South Africa’s Louis Oosthuizen, at the Masters Golf tourney last month. I was watching on TV.  And, here’s what it looked like: (if you […]