Archives for October 2012

Go With Your Heart: Create Justice Solutions the Open-Source Way

We love our media.  Take away our media?  No way.  Alas, more media leads to both more ideas, and more arguing and conflict.  And, all that arguing can get pretty chaotic. So if you’re in a position of influence for creating justice solutions, how do you address all that complexity and chaos?  Go with your […]

The Dynamic Duo: Collaboration and Chance

You know, collaboration as a good news story.  The real success stories of our time are about good collaboration: businesses, sports teams, political campaigns, causes…  1 + 1 > 2.  And yet, sometimes good collaboration isn’t enough for success. Sometimes you need chance on your side.  Think of Felix Baumgartner’s past weekend of incredibleness, that […]

Bruce Saunders and Movie Monday: Bringing Community to my Neighbourhood

Watching a movie can be so much more.   I’m a huge fan of Bruce Saunders weekly Movie Monday showing at the Eric Martin Pavilion Theatre, here in Victoria.   I’m a fan not just because of the movies shown at Eric Martin, though they tend to rock.   It’s a community event, where neighbours and nearby citizens […]

Is your relationship on "clock time" or "event time"?

Are you always checking the time?  Do you jump to conclusion based on first impressions?  Do you tend to panic when you find yourself in a difficult situation?  It could be you’re working on “clock time”.  There is another way. Clock time vs Event time Clock time is about efficiency.  It is about productivity, based […]