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Get ready for Twitter chat #6 for ADR Professionals: February 29 8-9pm EDT

This coming Wednesday I am super excited (stoked in modern parlance) to be co-hosting a Twitter chat for ADR (alternate dispute resolution) professionals with the dynamic Jeff Thompson (@mediatorjeff on Twitter) from New York City collaborating, coast to coast. I’m filling in for regular co-host Jason Dykstra (@jasondyk), another social mediator dynamo.  Twitter chat for […]

Agricultural creativity and the mediators craft

My earliest years were spent on a farm.  My dad was a farmer.  In their own way, farmers are experts in relationships and sustainability. And so when I read a blog post last week on agriculture and creativity, penned by the renowned writer (and blogger, too!), Paulo Coelho, immediately my mind resurfaced strong feelings for […]

If then else: The computer programmer's approach to mediating conflict

How our brain works cannot easily be mapped into a computer.  Ironically, the workings of a computer can be applied to our daily thought and practice, and lead to re-wiring of our brains. One of my earlier careers was as computer programmer, coding IBM software applications.  If there was one programming technique I used more […]

Conversations with my dog and other non-judgemental beings

I have conversations with my dog.  Others in my family talk with our dog, too.  My daughter says our dog is the heart of the family… sort of a (family) community connector! I’m not sure what talking to your dog says about one’s state-of-mind.  Maybe having a “conversation” with your dog is something done by […]

12 Working-with-technology practices that will make you a better virtual facilitator

Taking what you’re good at doing in-person and doing the same thing in the virtual world can be a challenge. Over the last few months I’ve facilitated many online meetings, both as a project facilitator and mediator.   After each session, I usually journal what worked and/or what I have to work on, for being better […]