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Neighbourhood Gifts

It was my neighbourhood association‘s annual Streetfest last weekend.  Excellent turnout.  People connecting. Conversation.  Having fun.  No rain! And, gifts galore… locals sharing their time, talents, and community spirit. Many of those things that make for a healthy neighbourhood were there, all orchestrated by neighbours, volunteering, including: Food; donated, baked, cornucopia Music; DJ, musicians, musical […]

Janis La Couvee: Community Connector

I always enjoy a conversation with Janis La Couv’e.  She is involved in many diverse communities, online and offline, here in Victoria.  And, I get the feeling she brings all of her communities, all of her connections, to each conversation, a good thing.  Making connections is what Janis does. Although, I’ve only known her for […]

Meghalaya's Living Bridges: Multi-generation collaboration

In a world of “what’s in it for me” and short-term interests, its uplifting to see another way, a way where an individual’s contribution is not directly linked to final outcome, at least in their life time! Susanna Jani, colleague and author of the BC Distance Family Mediation Blog, thoughtfully, sent me the link to […]

Face To Face: New movie tackles workplace bullying with community conferencing

It’ s always nice when others take hold of concepts that one holds dear. Following on the restorative justice theme over the last week on this blog (and its not even restorative justice week yet!), a new movie was released in Australia last week, “Face To Face“.   It is framed around a centerpiece of restorative […]

The Good News: Restorative Justice

Two recent news items about restorative justice caught my intention.  Which one should I let “take the day”? The first was what I consider a bad news story.  Alberta pulls restorative justice funding, read the CBC news article headline.  The Province of Alberta will stop funding restorative justice programs.  This is hard one for me […]