Neighbourhood Gifts

picture of local South Jubilee Neighbourhood residentIt was my neighbourhood association‘s annual Streetfest last weekend.  Excellent turnout.  People connecting. Conversation.  Having fun.  No rain! And, gifts galore… locals sharing their time, talents, and community spirit.

Many of those things that make for a healthy neighbourhood were there, all orchestrated by neighbours, volunteering, including:

Are you are welcome in your neighbourhood?

“A life well lived is one in which we each find an opportunity to give our gifts rather than to have our needs met.” (Margaret Wheatley, Deborah Frieze in Walk Out, Walk On)

How does your neighbourhood share its’ gifts? What’s your Streetfest?

picture of South Jubilee Neighbourhood asset map

Neighbourhood asset map

picture of Threshold Society

stilt walkers

Victoria Capoeira dancers, at-ease

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  1. Looks like a great time. It’s unfortunate that I barely know any of my own neighbors. 🙁 Everyone around here pretty much keeps to themselves.

  2. It was Jen. And, its a low-stress way to meet, discover, maybe even get-to-know-a-bit, neighbours.

  3. Maria Lyons says

    Hi Ben thanks for mentioning Ten Thousand Villages, you’re one of our favourite customers! and Jen S. stop by the store on December 10th, for another opportunity to meet your neighbours as they drop off non-perishable food donations for Mitchell House – details are on the South Jubilee website

  4. You’re welcome, Maria. Great to see neighbourhood businesses/organizations connecting, like TTV & Mitchell House. Maybe we should have a semi-annual Streetfest. 🙂

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