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The IdeaConnection Interviews: The place to go for insights into Open Innovation

Last week, I had the pleasure of conversation with Vern Burkhardt, a writer with IdeaConnection, a company that connects business to creative and innovative people, from around the world.  We met at a local coffee shop.  I’d been looking forward to our conversation for some time.  I wasn’t disappointed. Since late 2007, Vern has been […]

Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life: Video Book Review

Compassion is an attitude.  It’s principled and consistent concern for another. It’s about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, feeling their pain, as though it where your own, and entering generously into their point of view.  It’s not about pity or feeling sorry for someone else. To be compassionate is to live the golden rule; […]

Does your professional title of "mediator" limit you?

You’ve been plugging away for a while now, as a mediator.  The business isn’t flowing in.  You feel like you’re in a dip.  All factors considered, perhaps the way you describe your work role, or the way others see your professional title, is just not a motivator, for anybody? Perhaps you need a more compelling vision […]

The Storytelling Class: Canadian documentary impresses Movie Monday crowd

Last Monday, I attended Movie Monday here in Victoria, a regular cinematic experience, held every Monday night at the Eric Martin Theatre in Victoria.  The film was The Storytelling Class.   I was impressed, on all accounts. About Movie Monday Movie Monday Victoria is the inspiration of Bruce Saunders (pictured left). While in the psychiatric ward […]

13 Laws to help you navigate a digital world

There are laws and then there are laws.  Some laws have a governing authority to enforce them.  Other laws, not in the books, are up to the individual to enforce.  Those are the laws I’m talking about here.  They’ve risen out of shared experience, observations, trends.  They are very much a snapshot of what is […]