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Conflict for the holidays

Happy holidays! At these times, the usual daily routines seem to be temporarily suspended, and modified with extra family time, neighbourhood socials, community happenings, and temptations… too numerous. Oh, and yes, conflict too.  Yet, I’m not going to go there, at least not in the usual way. I love what different cultures have to offer. […]

Self-organizing for stronger neighbourhoods and the world: Video book reviews

It’s almost Christmas.  Looking for a book to gift someone with? Maybe a little something on self-organization? Great! I’ve got a couple of suggestions.  I introduce them in this video (click here if you can’t see it), and have a bit more to say as well… The Abundant Community Authored by John McKnight and Peter […]

Collaboration, Reciprocity and TimeBanks

A few days ago I was enjoying some holiday season conversation and cheer, with colleagues, at The Office Lounge in downtown Victoria. Among other things, we shared ideas around working together, partnering with others, on projects of mutual benefit.  Collaboration, working together, towards a shared goal, involves reciprocity. Being reciprocal is about mutual dependence and […]

15 Ways to bridge the gap between cultures and communities in conflict

I shed tears this weekend.  They weren’t for me.  They were for others, and their stories, I heard, as a participant, along with 200+ others, in the first ever Truth and Reconciliation conference between Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals in Victoria.  The conference was titled Open Hearts, Clear Minds: A Road to Reconciliation, and took place at […]