Infusing a Culture of Mediation into your organization

Organizations with long-standing success often have difficulty in shifting their members culture, when the need arrives.  Bridging the old and new ways requires skilled facilitation and ‘bridging’ skills.   Mediators are specialists in facilitating conversations and building bridges between people. The need for mediation The attributes associated with mediators are often the attributes in short supply […]

My Life of Pi

Some people are highly skilled experts in one discipline.  These people often credit their incredibly focused expertise as a key to their success, however they define success.  I do not see myself as one of those single expertise people, though I kind of like the success part of the equation. T-shaped skills Other people have expertise […]

The way we were: Was it really that groovy?

[This is a guest post by Susanna Jani.   Susanna is highly respected in British Columbia (and beyond) for her contributions to the field of mediation.  Mediate BC named an award after her; the annual Susanna Jani Prize for Excellence in Mediation.   So well deserved!   Susanna's  commitment and generous spirit has won her many friends, including me. :)] My conversation with a friend […]

2011 Favourites and Best Wishes for 2012

Happy New Year! Thank you for giving me, and this blog, your attention over the last year.  I’ve enjoyed connecting with you, many of you personally, and look forward to what new beginnings, and continuing adventures, 2012 offers us. Here are the most visited blog posts on Collaborative Journeys in 2011:   Strategies to reduce […]

This week's Twitter tweets

Most days, I spend a bit of time on Twitter. And almost every day, I come across something interesting via Twitter, applicable to my own fields of interest. Here’s a sampling of what got my attention this week on Twitter, and/or that I felt sharing with the world, via my tweets.  There are many interesting […]