Listener as Storyteller

It’s Conflict Resolution Week, here in BC.  The theme is #LetsTalkItOut.  Before we talk, though, better to listen.  Right? And with being a really good listener, one understands the others’ story. We become a storyteller, too. Why listen? A large chunk of what we communicate between us is unsaid. This fact tends to get magnified […]

Camp: The Professional Development Format of The Future

When I was kid, many summers would find me at camp.   Invariably camp was fun, challenging (new things, new people, different rules…), and always a learning experience.   What if today’s “professional development” experience was like camp? MuseumCamp 2014 Nina Simon is Executive Director of the Santa Cruz (California) Museum of Art & History.   […]

Communicating With Your Audience in Their Culture

To communicate effectively we need to already have some areas of commonness between us.  Culture is one of those areas.   When facilitating virtual teams or in local cross-cultural contexts, I sometimes underestimate the differences between cultures.  It’s easy to auto-pilot into my culture’s way of doing things.  And, that’s not always a good thing. […]

Infusing a Culture of Mediation into your organization

Organizations with long-standing success often have difficulty in shifting their members culture, when the need arrives.  Bridging the old and new ways requires skilled facilitation and ‘bridging’ skills.   Mediators are specialists in facilitating conversations and building bridges between people. The need for mediation The attributes associated with mediators are often the attributes in short supply […]

My Life of Pi

Some people are highly skilled experts in one discipline.  These people often credit their incredibly focused expertise as a key to their success, however they define success.  I do not see myself as one of those single expertise people, though I kind of like the success part of the equation. T-shaped skills Other people have expertise […]