Oh Canada: Diversity in the workplace?

Yesterday, July 1, was Canada’s birthday.  “Officially”, we’re 146 years old.   O Canada is our national anthem. Canada has two official languages.  Most of us feel good about the diverse and multi-cultural nature of our country.  Yet, welcoming diversity, and people who are different from us, can be a challenge, in small and big ways. […]

A few takeaways from my 2013 Social Media Camp experience

Last week I spent a couple of days at the 4th annual (Victoria) Social Media Camp, “the largest event of its’ kind in Canada”.  It was my second time attending this event.   The focus of the event was social media, obviously.  Yet, attendees, speakers, topics… were diverse. Here’s a baker’s dozen of insights, from some […]

What's your default?

Two months ago, the default rule for setting out my garbage and compost changed.  It used to be that I placed all garbage and compost into one type of container.  That container was picked up by the City and taken to the local landfill.  That changed.  Now the City provides two types of containers, one […]

Geek Girls: The Next Dispute Resolution Superheroes?

Fifty years ago there was only a few different communication channels.  If you wanted to have a conversation with someone, you had two basic options; meet in-person or call them on the telephone.  Today, thanks (or no thanks, as the case may be) to technology, your options have increased, a lot… add to the above: email, text, internet […]

Place-based Conflict Management

In our global village world, we are more likely to buy into ideas and approaches developed somewhere else, in a different place.  This is certainly true in the conflict management arena; whether its interest-based negotiation, more prisons, or Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).  No matter if good or bad, these other ways can distract us from […]