Committee of Care – a collective response

Not long ago an old collaborator friend contacted me. He wanted my assistance. He really is an “old” friend, being far along his life journey, in his 8th decade.

Life had suddenly taken an especially rough turn for him. He knew I was now engaged in seniors advocacy work.

I was able to provide him support, as modest as it was. Yet, others also provided him support, much support; other friends, past and present, neighbours, health care workers, home support workers…

Fortuitously, one of his friends (not me) in a brilliant move, had established a ‘Committee of Care’ for my old friend. I was one spoke on that wheel. This proactive Committee of Care initiator fostered communication, coordinated services, gave emotional support and more.  They were a true friend, companion, and carer.

I view a Committee of Care as a diverse group of people collaborating in support of an individual facing personal and, all too often, systemic challenges.

I’m grateful for the support my old friend is receiving. He is not alone.

I wonder, though, how many of the people in my neighbourhood are alone and don’t have others they can count on in times of need?

How many of the older adults that come through my advocacy organization’s doors enter because no one else has stepped up on their behalf? How many of them don’t have a RESP, Registered Emotional Support Plan (thank you Lyndsay Green for that concept), to count on?

The pandemic has exacerbated the shift from community to private life.

A Committee of Care can bring back some of that lost community.

When our time comes, we all deserve a Committee of Care.

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