Looking Back: 30 Lessons for Living from the Wisest Americans

I’m a semi-regular viewer of the PBS Newshour.  I especially enjoy that TV program when it offers up a serendipitous connection.  A recent show did just that.  It included an interview of Karl Pillemer, noted gerontologist, and Professor of Human Development at Cornell University. The interview context was his new book, 30 Lessons for Living: […]

The Many Perspectives on Aging

A lot happens on the edges.  As we get close to the far edge of our life, it’s an opportunity to look back, and reflect on what happened, and be true to oneself. Listening and interacting with older people (older than me, anyways) or my elders, as I prefer to relate to them, can be […]

Aging and The Joys of Mostly Good Enough

In a world of be all you can be, I’m getting more comfortable with being, mostly good enough.  There is a rhythm to life.  Why fight it.  Go with the flow, I tell myself. Maybe this inclination is nothing more than a gut feeling.  A feeling based on 5.6 decades of being, alterations to the body, […]

Neighbourhood Gifts

It was my neighbourhood association‘s annual Streetfest last weekend.  Excellent turnout.  People connecting. Conversation.  Having fun.  No rain! And, gifts galore… locals sharing their time, talents, and community spirit. Many of those things that make for a healthy neighbourhood were there, all orchestrated by neighbours, volunteering, including: Food; donated, baked, cornucopia Music; DJ, musicians, musical […]

Grandmothers and Collaborative Learning

[Note: I originally wrote this post, and had it posted a couple of months back, as a guest blogger on Lorie Vela’s excellent Collaboration Ideas blog.  Thanks Lorie.  With children shortly returning to school, and parents, and others, occupied by thoughts of “good learning”, I thought it might be timely to post it again, here.] […]