Conflict Manifest [A Poem]

[Reflecting on the many journeys we all take when it comes to managing interpersonal conflict, this poem morphed its way out of me, today.]

Conflict Manifest

I was going along, swimmingly
Buzzed by my world
And then it happened
To my surprise
My buzz wasn’t theirs
Conflict manifest

The dawn of conflict reveals itself
Out of the darkness
Blinded by its’ light
I look away
A defense
To our differences

In time, the eyes adjust
The heartbeat lessens
Confusion shifts to reality
A fork in the road takes shape
A choice to be made

Down one path; constructive actions
Perspective taking
Creating solutions
Expressing emotions
Reaching out

Down the other; destructive actions
Winning at all costs
Displaying anger
Demeaning others

Conflict manifest
Way back when, I used to hate it
Today, less so
After all, what is conflict
If not an opportunity
For self-awareness
And, to move forward
One step at a time

In the relationship games
Conflict is sure to shows its hand
With a certainty, of death and taxes
Given a choice
The question, as always
How to respond?

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