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Aging and The Joys of Mostly Good Enough

In a world of be all you can be, I’m getting more comfortable with being, mostly good enough.  There is a rhythm to life.  Why fight it.  Go with the flow, I tell myself. Maybe this inclination is nothing more than a gut feeling.  A feeling based on 5.6 decades of being, alterations to the body, […]

Just Enough: Reframing the Paradox of Social Media

Reframing is about changing the game. It’s about how we describe a conflict.  There is no shortage of buzz about a personal conflict many of us wrestle with, our struggle to maintain attention, focus, in a world of digital busyness, the world of social media. Social media is a paradox.  On the one hand, it […]

It's a mediator's world

I spent yesterday in Vancouver, at an all-day gathering with my court mediation colleagues.  Part information sharing, part community building, always a learning experience… these types of get-together I really enjoy. There were a number of presenters during the day.  I was one of them, on the topic of Collaborating on Business Development.  That was […]

Henri Lock: Community Connector

For most students attending university, it is a time of great personal exploration.  It was for me. Henri Lock helps university students with their internal explorations.  He also helps them connect their personal passions, interests, values to opportunities in the external world; of people, work, causes, organizations, Henri is United Church Chaplain at the University […]

The Future Value of Increased Collaboration

It’s a wondrous world.  Just finished Michael Ondaatje’s book about his conversations with the seminal film editor, Walter Murch, The Conversations: Walter Murch and the Art of Editing Film.  A companion to Murch’s own book, In the Blink of an Eye.  Two books; each shedding new light on my understanding of collaboration. In my previous […]