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What is Community and who are Community Connectors?

According John McKnight and Peter Block, “community” is a general term to describe what occurs outside systems and institutions. It also refers to an aggregation of people or neighbourhoods that have something in common. … and (from John and Peter), characteristic of “community connectors” are people who are:   Gift centred; see the positive, the […]

Walk Out Walk On: Video Book Review

Walk Out Walk On. What a great title for a book.  It could apply to many things.  Yes? In this post it applies to the latest book from Margaret Wheatley, a book she co-authored with Deborah Frieze.  Both women are associated with the Berkana Institute, an organization that believes “whatever is the problem, community is […]

Grandmothers and Collaborative Learning

[Note: I originally wrote this post, and had it posted a couple of months back, as a guest blogger on Lorie Vela’s excellent Collaboration Ideas blog.  Thanks Lorie.  With children shortly returning to school, and parents, and others, occupied by thoughts of “good learning”, I thought it might be timely to post it again, here.] […]

10 Dispute Resolution Questions asked by a Rainbow Mediator

There are many ways to resolve disputes.  Do a quick global tour of the dispute resolution landscape, and you’ll see just how many.  It’s as if there is a rainbow of options.  The rainbow mediator acknowledges the diverse approaches to resolution, and incorporates key elements into her/his practice.  Kind of a think global, act local. […]